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Efficient mobile solar power units for shipping containers

You have a container. Let’s power it with carbon-free, cost-efficient, plug-and-play, electricity.

We are  experts in solar energy. Our patent protected solar power units fits perfectly on top of 20’ or 40’ containers. No more hassle to get cost-efficient, green, energy to your containers.

Why containers

Containers are used for many purposes. Providing them with green electricity has never been more important

An estimated 14 million containers are used for storage, temporary offices, modular homes, shops, cooling, relay stations, charging stations for electrical devices, etc.

Replace your noisy, fuel consuming generator with silent green solar power. For every kWh our system produces, you can run your CO2 emitting generators less. In many situations the traditional generators can be avoided all together.


Our clients are as diverse as there are organizations under the sun

Aid & Relief Organizations

Relief Organizations use containers for a range of purposes. Often it is for temporary housing in refugee camps, for storage or cooling.

Construction & Mining

At construction sites it is not always easy to get grid connected, and electricity is often provided by deploying noisy and fuel consuming generators. When fuel is plenty and cheap this can well be the easiest way to feed the power consumers.

In remote areas where fuel is difficult or expensive to access, or in situations where you appreciate the silence of solar power, we can recommend considering the SolarDrive Container Power Unit as a supplement for the noisy and polluting generators.

Food & Agriculture

Preserving foods after harvest is crucial for the economy and environment. In some countries  up to 80% of the food production is wasted due to improper storage. As consequence we are cultivating  more farmland and destroying more nature than necessary. By offering green power for cooling facilities or  reefer containers our solar power units can be a small pawn in nature preservation and fight against  climate change while at the same time supporting a more stable income for farmers.

Festivals & Events 

In temporary setups like festivals and events the easy mobility and plug&play  properties of the container power system will come in handy. Along with the noiseless power supply the  systems will provide a visual support to your green image.

Military & Security

Save expenses. Save lives. In military environments efficiency is key. Bringing  fuel to an operating base can be both dangerous and expensive. By reducing traditional fuel consumption,  much can be gained. Often space is limited, and the solar power units will not take up extra ground  footprint. Further the military versions allow ballistic panels to be added underneath the system to protect  people inside the container below. If you want to learn more about the military versions, please contact us.


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Solar economics

Return on investment (ROI) for mobile solar solutions. It is better than you think.

SolarDrive Container Power has developed a comprehensive tool to calculate the benefits from replacing (fully or partly) a fuel powered generator with noiseless, green energy from the sun. The tool compares TCO of typical generators in different sizes with TCO of the container power system. The ROI will vary with location, actual fuel costs and use pattern of course.

Or enter your email and we’ll provide you with a calculation to understand more in depth the case for mobile container-based solar solutions. Some of our clients have a breakeven of less than 3 years. Want to get into the technical product details, click here instead.

Climate effect

Your green footprint matters. Know how much?

Depending on size, load and efficiency, a traditional fuel powered generator emits 1 – 2 kg CO2 per  kWh produced. A single 2 kWp SolarDrive Container Power unit will typically save 3 – 6 metric  tonnes CO2 per year and a 6 kWp unit 9 – 18 metric tonnes. To put this in context, the CO2 savings from a single unit can compare to CO2  absorption by up 32 hectare North American forest per year!
(source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, http://www.epa.gov/energy/ghg-equivalencies-calculator-calculations-and-references – 0.55 metric tons of carbon sequestered per hectare per  year)

Establish a small forest or harvest the benefits from our systems! It will be great to do both of course, but that’s not our business.