Designed to fit in any environment

Flexible setup & deployment

The SolarDrive CPS units fits and locks on top of a 20’ or 40’ ISO container and can immediately deliver power with only a simple extension cord. The units are handled by standard container equipment or forklifts. It stacks 3 to 5 units to resemble the size of 1 container for seamless transportation.

The system is designed to fit in any environment. Basically, it has 4 operational modes

1) Off-grid mode without generator, powering local loads

2) Off-grid mode with automatic generator control for back-up

3) On-grid, where grid is used for backup when extra power is needed – or if the situation allows it, where excessive power is sold/exported to grid*

4)  Camp-grid, where more systems cooperate in a camp grid/mini-grid, possibly including other power sources like generators, wind power etc.


* Exporting power to public grid is governed by local regulations and will not be allowed everywhere.

Basic modes can be easily selected at the unit’s control panel or in the app. Each of the basic modes can be further fine-tuned in the software as preferred.

Main Specs

SolarDrive CPS Version2 kWp (master*)

6 kWp (extendable)

6058 x 2438 x 495 mm6058 x 2438 x 845 mm (closed)
6058 x 6558 x 845 mm (PV panels fully extended)
Weight (frame)1050 kg1190 kg
Weight gross1800 - 2200 kg2700 – 3200 kg
Power rating2010 Wp (STC)6030 Wp (STC)
Solar panel typeMWT mSi Back contact Lead free
LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
1 x 10.7 kWh battery bank - up to 40 kWh is optional
Continuous current: 210 A
2 sec: 630 A
30 sec: 525 A
Voltage: 51.2 V
Self discharge: < 3 % per month
Weight: 95 kg
Inverter1 – 3 phase DC-AC
50/60 Hz
1 – 3 phase AC-AC
50/60 Hz
Inverter output1 phase setup:
120 VAC @ 60 Hz (US)
230 VAC @ 50 Hz

2 phase setup:
240 VAC @ 60 Hz (US)

3 phase setup:
208 VAC @ 60 Hz (US)
400 - 440 VAC @ 50 Hz
ConnectionPlug type: CE
Rated Power3000 W per phase
9000 kW in 3-phase
3300 – 6000 W continuous per phase up to 18000 W in 3-phase
(US: 5750 W per phase - up to
17250 W continuous in 3-phase)
Efficiency93 % typical95.8 % (max)
Input AC(Grid or AC generator)

1 phase setup:
120 VAC @ 60 Hz (54 – 66 Hz)
230 VAC @ 50 Hz (45 – 55 Hz)

2 phase setup:
240 VAC @ 60 Hz

3 phase setup:
208 VAC @ 60 Hz
400 - 440 VAC @ 50 Hz

Max input power: 6900 W per phase (230 V x 30 A)

Connection/Plug type: CE
(Grid or AC generator)

1 phase setup:
120 VAC @ 60 Hz (54 – 66 Hz)
230 VAC @ 50 Hz (45 – 65 Hz)

2 phase setup:
240 VAC @ 60 Hz

3 phase setup:
208 VAC @ 60 Hz
400 - 440 VAC @ 50 Hz

Max input power: 11500 W per phase (230 V x 50 A)

Connection/Plug type: CE
Inverter approvalsNorth America, UL1741
European Union standards EN 61000-6-1 and EN 61000-6-3
AS 4777, C10/11, CE, CEI 0-21, DIN EN 62109-1/IEC 62109-1, DIN EN 62109-2/IEC 62109-2, EN 50438, G59/3, G83/2, NEN-EN 50438, ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8001-4-712, PPDS, PPC, RD 1699, SI 4777, TR 3.2.1, UTE C15-712, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE-0126-1-1, VFR 2014, RfG compliant

* A master version contains all necessary electronics, charge controller, inverters, batteries and solar panels. A Slave version simply contains solar panels and an MPPT controller. A Master combined with one or more Slaves opens for a significant and economical increase in solar power production.

Practical design features

SolarDrive CPS units are physically interconnected or installed on top of containers by using simple twistlocks or horizontal locks (standard tools in the container industry).

Electrical connection is obtained with a standard extension cord to a distribution board or directly to the container demanding power.

The CPS units are delivered with standard settings for easy setup in common scenarios. In  case the standard settings are not sufficient, settings can be changed directly at the control panel or by  phone or PC. Before turning the breakers, it is recommended to ground the unit, using the enclosed earth  rod.

CPS units comes with integrated storage for extension cords, twistlocks, user manuals etc.

Storage compartment and control panel are protected by sliding and lockable doors

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