Solar Economics

Would you like 150% in return?

Don’t convert to solar just for your company’s green image, do it for the economy! If you use the system properly you will receive a  positive ROI.
Immediately, the investment in our systems can seem steep compared to a generator of similar power capacity. However, in most cases the systems will offer an attractive ROI and reach complete payback after a few years in service.

The main parameters for calculating the financial benefits are:

  1. available insolation at place of deployment (location on the globe)
  2. shadow effects (specific local conditions, trees or buildings)
  3. local cost prices on fuel (delivered cost)
  4. investment horizon and use pattern
  5. generator type for comparison

and of course the version and cost price for the system.

We have developed a tool to make the calculations easy. In collaboration we can walk through the assumptions and calculate your potential gain.



Chile N

Average insolation5.90 kWh/m2/day3.50 kWh/m2/day6.13 kWh/m2/day
Fuel cost ( USD/liter1.60 USD/Liter1.22 USD/liter
(first 8 years)
232 %133 %254 %
period (rounded up)
3 years4 years3 years

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